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Ginger and The Ghost - "Choose Your Own Dreamstate (Part 2 The Race Forever)" [Video Premiere]

Attempting to conceptualize the feeling of being lost in a foreign place, artists turned musicians Ginger and The Ghost have created a miniseries of short films that are accompanied by their music. As a part of a story based around their song "The Red Balloon" the Australian duo are awakened in the chaos of Earth where they are apart of a seemingly never ending journey to be with one another once again. Directed by film maker Nick Maher, the second of three videos finds the bands singer wandering the streets of New York with no sense of direction until she is imprisoned in what seems to be her own state of mind.

While they take pride in their estranged use of a variety of unconventional instruments, including bicycle wheels and body percussion, Ginger and The Ghost's music stands apart due to their demanding vocal performances. Throughout "The Red Balloon" supporting instrumentals made up of softly plucked guitars and wailing chants that provide a mystic chorus to fuel emphatic vocals expressing eccentric lyrics.

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If there is a desire to follow the story of the "Choose Your Own Dreamstate" series feel free to check out part 1, 'Exiled to Earth' below.

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