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Free the Robots - "Carnival" (Feat. Jessie Jones)

In what the hell did my ears just go through news, here's a song for those that want to trip out. With lo-fi band Feeding People's Jessie Jones on vocals, Free the Robots presents a track that could not have a better title than what was given. 

"Carnival" is four minutes of what I imagine would be playing in a montage of my life if at any point I decide to take some psychedelics, and then somehow thought it was a good idea to visit a fairground. Clowns, spinning roller coasters, and for some reason, cotton candy comes into mind. Simply said, it's a bit terrifying. However, While I am painting a strangely unappealing picture of this scenario, another part of me is really intrigued by the thought of all this.

The same could be argued for the song. Who really enjoys creepy carnival music? Perhaps annoying five year olds, certainly not teens and older people... And drugs and clowns are definitely a recipe for disaster. But the mix of everything, combined with Jessie Jones and her perfect voice, it's like a fly heading toward the light, I can't resist. The song is an eclectic mix of things I don't particularly enjoy- not a huge fan of carnivals, not even a big fan of lo-fi, and the beat scene is definitely one thing in my life I need to catch up on. So all in all, everything that should work against is magically making it work and I love it, can't get enough. 

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Experimental · Lo-Fi · Psychedelic


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