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Gui Boratto - Generate [EP]

Architect, composer, and electronic music producer; Sao Paulo native, Gui Boratto, is one of those people with an impressive résumé who does a little bit of everything. With a discography dating back to the early 90's, the Brazilian veteran flashes forward to deliver his most recent dish, Generate EP, out now via Off Beat Records. The double track release embodies a calming taste of slumberous, chilled-out minimalism/ deep house for those Sunday post-party mornings.

Stream:BORATTO, Gui - Generate 1

The doziness of “Generate 1” claims a sooth ambiance that glows with the song’s hooking bass line as the center piece. To contrast, “Generate 2” institutes a placidity that resembles a marriage between Air’s calming Moon Safari era and the renowned Daft Punk “Da Funk” vibe we all love. Add the rich keyboard and filtered vocals that follow the melody and, perhaps, even a Boards of Canada love triangle sets up.

Stream:BORATTO, Gui - Generate 2

Satisfying the softer and more sweeping cravings of the ambient orbit within electronic music, Generate shows an appreciation for the hums meant to have us put our hands behind and enjoy the wonders of easy-listening music. You can also enjoy a live session with him alongside Matthew Dear at Exchange L.A. in September or watch him rock international crowds at the Kompact showcase at A.D.E. in October!



Gui Boratto

Generate [EP]

  • Off Beat Music
  • August 5, 2013
Ambient · Chillout · Electronica


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