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ak9 & Sikdope - "Dying"

Now that genres like trap and garage have exploded in popularity on the soil of North America, many producers who were involved in producing dubstep music have turned their backs on the genre to chase the trends; as a result, those looking to get their bass fix are, for the most part, left out to dry. Enter ak9 and Sikdope, two fresh producers residing in Poland. Though they are somewhat new to the game, you wouldn't be able to figure that out by the way these guys make music.

Beginning with a mellow-yet-seductive vocal piece, their latest track, "Dying", can only be summed up as a catastrophic mesh of sounds, boldly crashing and shifting like a tidal wave slamming against a cliff to create a monstrous affair that takes no prisoners. Give the track a listen down below and go ahead and show these guys some love.



ak9 & Skidope


  • August 5th, 2013
Drumstep · Dubstep · Electronic


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