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Doley Bernays - "Tommy & Keish" (Feat. James ASHLI)

Remember Belly, 1998 hip-hop classic that starred Nas and DMX? If you do, you probably remember the crazy love affair between Tommy & Keisha. Bronx emcee Doley Bernays keeps the momentum building for his new EP with "Tommy & Keish," a cinematic, haunting track in stark contrast to his last release, the summer party track "Till We Fall". Once again, MP Williams provides the perfect backdrop for Doley, pairing a few melancholy piano melodies with looping synths. It isn't the most sentimental of love stories, though Doley tells it in true Belly fashion: "I said damn I love that crazy shit, just me and my crazy bitch/Same girl I got broke with, be the same girl I get famous with/We fighting every day, but we be fucking every night/She say how much she hate me but she love me in her life."

"Tommy & Keish" is off Bernays' upcoming project Just In Case. As a bonus, check out a throwback MP + Doley collaboration, a similarly haunting but beautiful record that sampled deadmau5's "Raise Your Weapon".



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