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Walking Shapes - "Keep" [Video Premiere]

Walking Shapes has once again got us hooked with “Keep,” a new track that makes its debut after a series of impressive mp3 releases from the 5-man Brooklyn group this past month. The song, which boasts a calming bass guitar, stable drumbeat, harmonized vocals, and signature violin section, makes for a sound that we were meant to sway to at an outdoor concert. The video highlights the band’s ability to be musically versatile while lyrically addressing subject matter that everyone can relate to.  While it’s slightly unclear as to what is happening at the beginning of “Keep,” by time we’ve processed the lyrics and the impassioned chorus hits, we get that we’ve been allowed to intrude on the intimate and uncomfortable moments of a couple suffering from one sidedness and a lack of communication. Cinematography that is mature and simple perfectly captures the frustration that lies behind a relationship distressed by stagnation, while small surprises like a bodily exposure and fire make for a good dose of shock factor.

As a bonus the guys will also be giving away a free download of their full album. Grab it here! 

Experimental · Indie · Music Videos


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