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Bart B More - The Napoleon Saga [EP]

If you’re a fan of dance music these days, you might have noticed the increased amount of complaining about the “lack of creativity” in recent production. To them, my response is always: “You’re looking in the wrong place.” That, and many artists that start out in an increasingly larger – and therefore seemingly homogenizing market – struggle finding their own creative voice.  This is the point at which we turn to artists like The Netherlands’s Bart van der Meer, whose multi-genre influenced sound keeps his style innovative, unique and well-grounded all at the same time. Known to the public as Bart B More, he’s released an EP out on the OWSLA imprint showcasing those talents yet again, entitled The Napoleon Saga. Featuring two tracks that cross over into mainstream pop, R&B, hip hop and his own German-techno-inspired base, “Napoleon” and “Saga” together take us on a journey that will satiate any musical palate.

Speaking of creative and out of the box, “Saga” is a whirlwind of hip hop, 80s synths and rock and roll. So much so, that I’m not sure that a further description here will even do it justice. Take a listen and hear the refreshing track for yourself. 

“Napoleon” is a percussion-led record that will take you back 20 years and bring you back to the present all in one listen. The vocal sample, though short and simple, is shoulder-shrug inducing and not repetitive.

Stream: Bart B More - Saga

Stream: Bart B More - Napoleon

Bart B More

The Napoleon Saga

  • OWS051
Electro House


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Bart B More
7 years ago

Humbled by your words, thank you! “: Bart B More - The Napoleon Saga [EP] - http://t.co/VQzWelzT8n @bartbmore @owslaofficial”