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Funkagenda - Samsara [EP]

Five years have passed since Funkagenda burst onto the scene with big time recognition from the Ibiza DJ awards: Best Newcommer of 2008 and Best Tech House Track for his work with Mark Knight on "Man With The Red Face", the latter title  repeated by Beatport for the same collaboration.  After this, Funkagenda, also known as Adam Walder, built upon this success by releasing his first album on world-renowned Toolroom Records, a label which he has frequented throughout his career and  revisited for their Miami compilation this February with "Blacklight".

Taking a trip to the wild side, Walder joins forces with the Dim Mak crew to release the two-track Samsara EP: "Half Man Half Drugs" and "To The Moon And Back". Fitting into the EP's title (Wikipedia confirms it's the cycle of reincarnation), the electro house tracks diverge into many genres throughout a listeners' journey. While neither song can necessarily be called bright, to me, the gritty, robotic elements of "Half Man Half Drugs" represent the darkest side of human life, possibly a comment on the manufactured lifestyle we carry out in our terrestrial existence. And though "To The Moon And Back" definitely holds its fair share of foreboding, deep grinds, Funkagenda imbues parts of the track with otherworldly wonder. In it you hear a curiosity and hopefulness unconfined by the day-to-day trivialities of our fleshy selves.  That, or maybe everyone's getting excited for Burning Man...

Stream: Funkagenda - Half Man Half Drugs (Original Mix)

Stream:Funkagenda - To The Moon And Back

Catch Funkagenda on the West Coast next Wednesday at Volume in Seattle and Thursday at Lure in LA.



Samsara [EP]

  • Dim Mak
  • 2013-07-30


Dance · Electro House


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