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Chance The Rapper - "Everybody's Something" [Video]

Chance the Rapper returns with visuals for one of the standout cuts from his critically acclaimed breakout mixtape, Acid Rap. “Everybody’s Something” is a rare blend of uplifting messaging, vivid introspection, and social consciousness. It has a certain charm that normally serves as the mark of a star, and the second verse has even brought some comparisons to Eminem stylistically. The record, sandwiched in the center of the project, now gets the shine it deserves with a video that equals its vision.

The video’s trippy, psychedelic visuals, directed, shot, and edited by Austin Vesely, are indicative of the Acid Rap aesthetic. As Chance raps, his lyrics appear in his head, creating a rather psychotropic experience. Check out the video for “Everbody’s Something” below, check the MC out on tour with Mac Miller at these locations, and download Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap here.



Chance the Rapper

Everybody's Something

  • July 30, 2013
Hip-Hop · Rap


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