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Pacific Air - "Play Nice" [Exclusive Download]

While Pacific Air painted a clear-cut picture of their style with their popular track “Move” off of their new album Stop Talking. However, further exploration of the full-length release will take listeners on an adventure across the Pacific coast, drawing inspiration from the iconic landscapes along the way. In making way down the coast take a pit stop in Santa Monica for the relaxed indie pop track “Play Nice”.

In “Play Nice” listeners are greeted to a harmonious chant that sets the tone for what’s to come. Throughout a persistent drum beat pushes forward as hushed undertones are used to highlight singer Ryan Lawhon’s soothing voice, which only halts for a catchy “Hey, hey” and a subtle guitar-led instrumental break.

Download: Pacific Air - Play Nice

Sit back and enjoy “Play Nice” as it references the lighter elements in the heat of the summer.

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