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Afrojack - "Peanuts" [Download]

Beginning with something reminiscent of a heavily distorted “No Beef”, Afrojack (aka Nick van de Wall) continues his kick of releases, this time with a free download of the track “Peanuts”.  As you may have heard in the ongoing conversation about the evolution of electronic music, Afrojack and Deadmau5 recently traded words regarding their thoughts on the subject. No sides being chosen here, but I am sure all parties would agree with Wall’s recent proclamation: “EDM, dance music, whatever you want to call it, is about sharing a passion, a love — not about being cool!!!!” Well said. Getting back to the track, “Peanuts” remains a true progressive track with bright climbs and bassy drops. Afrojack will be remaining in Europe throughrout August, though he will be making it to the North Coast Music Festival and TomorrowWorld in the U.S.. Click here for the free download.

Stream: Afrojack - Peanuts (Club Mix)

Dance · Progressive


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