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Robby Hunter Band - "Bust"

The self-proclaimed "Indie-Funk" artists of the Robby Hunter Band have definitely earned their title to the uncommon genre they identify themselves with. Combining a seductive bass guitar line, heavy hitting synths, a sprinkling piano, and simple real and electronic drum beats to make a sound that’s as refreshing as it is funky to our ears, “BUST ”nails the “summer track” category on the head. A straight-forward hook and raspy vocals turn up the heat, making us feel groovy, grown, and sensual, while a short yet jarring guitar solo near the end of the track leaves us with a climax full of feeling. “BUST,” a last-minute-made single, was not originally planned to be on RHB's upcoming album, Magic City Hippies, but ended up being a tune the band felt they needed to include on the record and drop, before their new album was even released. And boy are we glad they did.

Despite realistic lyrics that describe a heartsick place where we’ve all no doubt been, left with the pang of unrequited emotions and the infidelity of a lover, “BUST” forces us to picture ourselves on a beach during sunset, drinking a corona and surrounded by good friends, while we sway our hips to the easy-going flow of the track---and start the healing process.

The Robby Hunter Band drops their new album, Magic City Hippies, this Friday, July 19th. If you’re looking for some more sexy and well-produced Indie-Funk hybrid tunes, we recommend you go out and get it. Lucky for you, the Robby Hunter Band is making their entire album for free download all weekend long at MagicCityHippies.com

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-Kristine Musademba 



Electronic · R&B · Soul


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