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Cory Jreamz - "Howl" [Video]

We've spoken about the young Houston native Cory Jreamz a bunch in the past and here he is again with his latest visual. Always one to push creativity and stand away from the stereotypical sound his home town is known for this young artist is aiming to be an alternative for those looking for new music from the long horn state. Howl is produced by Cory and he drops lines about Ernest Hemingway as well as the MoMa. Two references one would generally not expect from a southern artists.

The video is very minimal, starting off with him and two friends sitting in what seems to be an abandoned building or parking garage. Then leads to the young artist chasing the camera around the space. "Howl" is a track from Cory's next album The Lonely Painter set to release the end of the summer. Watch the "Howl" video below and check out his websites for some of his earlier works.






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