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Kaanerbay - Offerings [EP]

At a time where the future beat culture is blooming, many new and inspiring artists are climbing out of the woodworks and into the limelight. Kaanerbay, a member of Boston's newly formed beat collective known as Zone Def, released his first EP today entitled Offerings, a future hip hop inspired instrumental album. Taking inspiration from artists like Hudson Mohawke, The XX, and even Pink Floyd, Kaan found a way to blend electronic style drone synths with hip hop influenced beats and samples to create something that sounds both new and familiar.

Zone Def is a four part collective consisting of Tide Eye, Tone Ra, Holm., and Kaanerbay. The group formed only a few months ago but already have been on a tremendous pace busting out beats daily. Holm., for example, is somewhere around Day 283 of his beat a day project for 365 days straight. And the others, although not publicized, have no problem keeping up. Offerings is just the first release from these guys, and the future is looking bright. The four will begin showcasing their talents for audiences this summer with shows already lined up into the fall.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/100703435" iframe="true" /]

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Bass · Exclusive · Post-dubstep · Trap


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Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia
7 years ago

kaan is the man shout out zone def!