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Henrix vs Wayne & Woods - "Jumangee" [Earmilk Interview + Release]

"Jumangee", the latest release off of Size Records, has been sending shock waves throughout the dance music community since its release on Monday. I first heard the big room tribal track on Tiesto's Club Life and I made it my mission to seek out the artists who produced this. To no surprise, the project was spearheaded by Henrix, whose anthemic track "Hit It" was played an insurmountable number of times at Ultra Music Festival this past spring. With the notable thumping and distorted percussion that dominates Henrix's tracks combined with Wayne & Woods melodic genius, "Jumangee" definitely brings a whole new level to sound design. 

Henrix has come a long way, making a remarkable accession to the top. Starting off as master of bootlegs then honing those skills into the production side, his tracks have now been featured on labels such as Mixmash and Size Records. 2012 was a  fantastic year for the Miami native, and 2013 has much more in store for him. As for Wayne & Woods, I felt deeply attached to their music pretty recently after chatting with their manager Iyoas Assefa (former label manager of Size Records), who recommended his act to me, and after listening to all their songs on Soundcloud, the Stockholm-based duo sure did impress.

It seems that Wayne & Woods has been a great acquisition for Size Records, as the duo most recently brought a unique point of view to the label with their feature on a collaboration with Steve Angello called "I/O". "Jumagee" is the start of something special for Wayne & Woods, and I definitely look forward to seeing what productions come to fruition next for these gentlemen. I was able to talk with Henrix and Wayne & Woods about their production "Jumangee" and what the future holds for both parties.

EARMILK: How does it feel to make your release debut on Size Records? Henrix, you did it with "HIT IT" and Wayne & Woods, you are doing it with "Jumangee" this time around.
Henrix: It feels great having another release on Size! Size is one of the best labels in dance music and being able to release another track again is amazing. I can't thank the Size crew enough. Steve Angello really knows how to pick records and it shows with every release he has put out. I'm just honored to be on the schedule not once but twice this year.
Wayne & Woods: It’s a big honor for us to release "Jumangee" on Size Records. Size has always been the leading label when it comes to dance music, This track is huge, so of course it has to come out on "SIZE."
EM: How did you guys connect and what was the production process in working together on "Jumangee"?
Henrix: We connected through Twitter. I hit up the guys in December about a their track "Pyramid" that I really liked and we connected and the rest was history! The production part was pretty easy and quick. We swapped ideas back and forth on Skype and in a matter of a week or two the track was finished.
Wayne & Woods: December last year we gave out a free track called "Pyramid" through Size, and Henrix hit us up on twitter and told us that he really liked the track. So tweeted him back and we exchanged contacts and decided to do something together. couple of days later we had a banger!. The process of working with Henrix was fun! He was a very easy and cool guy to work with.
EM: Will there be any more Henrix and Wayne & Woods collaborations in store? Can we expect any gigs together?
Henrix:  I think the follow up to "Jumangee" is inevitable, haha. We will probably start working on something new soon. As far as gigs, we will let everyone know soon if it'll happen. Stay tuned!
Wayne & Woods: You never know...
 EM: What shows are you excited about playing this year?
Henrix: There are so many awesome shows but the main ones I'm super excited for are Electric Zoo main stage and Tomorrowworld. Cant wait for those. Also, doing the first Life In Color Mexico tour this week, so shit is going to be pretty nuts. In the short span of time that I've been touring since "HIT IT" was released, I've been lucky enough to play some incredible shows, from the opening of Cream Amnesia in Ibiza with Hardwell & Laidback Luke to the opening of Governor's Island with Hardwell & Dyro to Brite Nites at Webster Hall, etc. The energy from the fans has just been incredible at every show and I am looking forward to seeing how crazy they get at Electric Zoo and Tomorrowworld!
Wayne & Woods: All the SIZE matters shows, Creamfields! And of course, IBIZA!
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