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Charles Murdoch - "Dekire" (Feat. Oscar Key Sung)

"Dekire" hails as the lead single from Charles Murdoch's upcoming EP Weathered Straight, set to be released on Future Classic in no time. With the help of the wonderful vocalist Oscar Key Sung (another fellow Aussie), "Dekire" is soulful.

His style is easily classified as IDM that heavily favours downtempo and minimalistic qualities, as seen on "No Lungs" (available as a free download!). Thus far, his talent has raised interest from the likes of TEED, Nicolas Jaar, Shlohmo and Cashmere Cat, asked by each to support them on tour. 

Vocalist Oscar Key Sung on the other hand is an up-and-comer, that's for sure. His vocal complexity is effortless, incorporating future R&B elements and capping it with a soulful seal. His Tape Voice EP (which came out back in January 2012) and, most recently, his release of "It's Coming" and a cover of Miguel's "Sure Thing" has got us listening. 

Alongside "Dekire" comes a music video released by Future Classic, Phantom and Out of Office. Enjoy!

Electronic · IDM


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  • Signed up just to comment on this. Dekire is a spectacular and marked development in Mr Murdoch's finesse as a producer. When this popped up on my SC stream I was intrigued by what his latest offering would be like and boy was I blown away. While it starts off delicate, balanced and exuding class, the breakdown at 2:28 really seals the deal with its dazzling flow. My only wish is that it were longer. I absolutely love the track and am very pleased to see it here.

    Avatar Alistair July 11, 2013 6:12 AM Reply
    • I'm really happy you enjoyed it, Alistair. I had a really similar reaction to the track.

      Avatar Bronte July 11, 2013 11:08 AM Reply
      • Glad to hear. I shall have to see what else you've written about then.

        Avatar Alistair July 11, 2013 3:33 PM Reply

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