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Snoop Lion - "Torn Apart" (Feat. Rita Ora) [VIDEO]

Some artists reach a point where they are literally allowed to venture in any direction they want and we owe it to them to give each venture a legitimate shot before making harsh judgments. That's exactly the story of Snoop Lion. He caused much chatter when he decided to sport the new Jamaican inspired moniker and many people wondered how it would fair. The reviews were mixed but really no one should be able to cast judgement unless you actually watched the Reincarnated documentary which lets you actually see the transformation and sheds new light on the project. Now, one of the stand out tracks from the album was "Torn Apart" featuring Rita Ora and today they have dropped the official visuals which feature a much needed sun kissed summer vibe. If you have a black heart, I would suggest avoiding the video at all costs but otherwise...enjoy? Or leave a comment.



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