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Earmilk Interview: Jakob Liedholm [Exclusive Mix]

Young or old, one thing that can be said about music, dance music especially, is that it brings people together. For a little over a year now, one of the youngest artists in the industry, Sweden's Jakob Liedholm,  has caught the attention of fans worldwide with his uplifting remixes and originals. Most recently, his revision of Fenech Soler's "Magnetic" racked up over 50,000 plays in just one month, a feat that coincided with his opening set for Avicii and Fedde Le Grand at Ushuaia in Ibiza. As his schedule begins to pick up and he releases more originals, Liedholm seems poised for greatness, something that the inspiring artist appears ready to take on with hard work and dedication. Check out the summery, exclusive mix below, as well as an interview that details the beginnings of his career and his hopes for the not too distant future.

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Earmilk: How do you get into the electronic scene or electronic music at your age? 
Jakob Liedholm: I guess you just need to love producing! Also, you need to be inspired, I for one was inspired by Avicii and Alesso.
EM: What advantages do you think you have as a younger artist?
JL: I think a lot of people think it’s interesting to listen to an artist who is younger than themselves!
EM: Your remixes really brought you into the spotlight, but we also have seen you push originals more recently. Was there something specific that allowed you to make this transition?
JL: Yes, I love to make remixes but originals are my favourites. The reason I made so many remixes is probably because so many people requested it!
EM: Tying into the previous question: on what kind of gear did you start remixing and producing? Have you upgraded since then?
JL: Just a computer! I have upgraded to: Soundcard, 2 monitors, 2 krk and an Axiom Pro keyboard. 
EM: What are your thoughts on artists like you who got their fame through remixing and self-publishing rather than more traditional avenues, like DJing?
JL: Today, you really can't get famous with just DJing skills, you’ve got to have your own material too.
EM: You most recently played Summerburst in Stockholm, Sweden and also back in March for an event during the Winter Music Conference in Miami. How have these experiences been for you and what did you learn at each?
JL: They were AMAZING! I think they mostly motivated me, but also showed me how to interact with the crowd. I'm really looking forward to playing with Avicii at Ushuaia this summer!
EM: If you had the opportunity to work with anyone in the music industry (electronic or not), who would it be and why?
JL: Arty, Alesso or Avicii. I'm absolutely in love with their sound and their melodies. 
EM: Any specifics on upcoming releases?
JL: I have a release on Sony VERY SOON, which I'm very very excited about! Great vocals by Audrey Gallagher. I also have some new tracks on their way with my friend and DJ Tim Norell
EM: What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2013?
JL: To develop as much as possible!
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