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Polyester The Saint - P.O.P

It was only a month ago when I was scrolling through Dam-Funk's Instagram to find fellow L.A. native Polyester The Saint parlaying in the funktologist's lab. I'd be lying if I said I didn't geek out a little. If you're familiar with either of these artist try to imagine the possibilities; a fairly unrecognized lyricist, keyboardist and r&b vocalist whose knowledge of funk bleeds through so much in his music that he can't be compared to any of his contemporaries, paired with king of Modern funk. What kind of album would that union produce? After listening to P.O.P (an acronym for Passion, Obsession, Profession) I realized only time would tell.

Instead of combining his talents with that of Dam, Poly brings his own brand of G-Funk, enlisting the help of Jay 305, Badd Lucc, Cardo and (of course) Dom Kennedy to once again set the quintessential L.A. scene for listeners. In fact, save for Kendrick's piercing narrative, I don't think that I've listened to a more cogent California-state-of-mind project in the last two years. Per usual, Poly speaks with a swagger as if raised by Iceberg Slim himself. Couple that with the palm trees, wood grain, drop tops, some 40 ounces and some herbal ounces and Poly brings you to California without having to move. Polyester's fourth official LP comes right in time for summer.

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