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Pryda - "Rotunda"

Coming hot off the trails of last week’s “Layers”, fans now get the B side of this Pryda release with “Rotonda.” This one has been a staple in Eric Prydz performances over the past two years, playing the role of mid-set bomb at shows such as Coachella, last year’s touring Identity Festival, and most recently at the main stage of Electric Daisy Carnival.

The track itself is as hard-hitting as it is soothing, with three-chord chimes layered under a siren deserving of the Kill Bill soundtrack. After a long build of a repeated melody, the track explodes into drum-driven progressive in classic Pryda fashion.

While it may not be all that common to have two weeks in a row with new Pryda releases, Eric himself has deemed 2013 to be the year of releases, so look for more from the various identities of Prydz in the coming months. 



Dance · Progressive


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