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Jacob Plant - "Fire" [Interview]

In the world of competitive electronic music, catching the eye of venerable artist can many times be the crucial moment where a bright new talent becomes a rising star. Couple that with the fact that many veteran producers have also ventured into the label business, and you have the stage set for a career-making opportunity. Enter Jacob Plant, an English DJ and producer who has gained the notice of peers and superiors alike, having traversed the electronic spectrum from house with Cr2 to dubstep on Def Jam Records. Most recently however, he has joined forces with Calvin Harris' Fly Eye Records on January's track "Shakedown" and today's progressive house banger, "Fire".

The song already has received massive attention from some of the biggest names in the industry (Knife Party, Nero and Afrojack), as well as play time on BBC's Radio 1 with Zane Lowe. Strong beats hit on the first and second counts, falling into staggered beats on the third and fourth, then transforming later in the song to an all barrage on each count.  Read on for more about Jacob Plant's journey so far, his plans for the future, and what he would do were there a world without music.


Stream: Jacob Plant - Fire (Radio Edit)

Earmilk: What inspired you to be an electronic artist? Any specific callings or did you just fall into it? 
Jacob Plant: I have played the piano and guitar from a young age.  I started playing around with recording equipment when I was about 13.  The whole electronic sound came very naturally.  It defiantly just seemed to fall into place the more I played around.

EM: What's your biggest break so far? 
JP: A lot of things have happened this year that is massive progress for me.  This summer I am playing at Reading & Leeds Festival which is really exciting.  Also Zane Lowe played my new single "Fire" on his show the other week which has always been a huge aim of mine.

EM: Where do you see yourself in two years? Any plans other than production and performance?
JP: I just want to keep developing my career.  Eventually when it's the right time I want to develop a live show & write an album.  For now I am happy doing singles and EP's.  Another thing I would love to do is start my own label so I can sign up young talent and get their music heard.
EM: Let's talk about "Fire" for a bit. How did this track come to be?
JP: I actually wrote the song when I was rebuilding my studio.  I didn't have my speakers set up at the time so I wrote it on the iMac speakers!  Once it was done I sent it to Calvin Harris and he really liked it so he signed it to Fly Eye.  
I went to Ultra Music Festival shortly after making it.  Calvin Harris & Afrojack played it when they where doing a back to back set.  They made me come on stage when they played it which was pretty cool!  After that it started to build really nicely from there.  Knife Party, Nero, Dillon Francis and Chase & Status all supported it from early days.  There is some really cool footage on YouTube of Knife Party playing it at Coachella and Ultra Music Festival!  
EM: It'll be dropping today on Calvin Harris' Fly Eye Records. How has it been working with the team over there? This is your second release with them, correct?
 JP: Yeah it's the second release.  I had a song "Shakedown" that was released on Fly Eye earlier this year.  It's wicked to be able to send Calvin a song and get feedback.  He has always been a big inspiration to me so it's an honour.
EM: Have you been able to work with the man himself? Or are there plans for collaborations with other artists who have worked with the label?
JP: I haven't yet, I would love too one day!
EM: How about coming releases: can you give us any specifics on what we can expect in the next few months?
JP: I have been very busy working on loads of new music.  Expect more singles and EP's from me in the near future.
EM: If you could work with any electronic artist ok a track, who would it be? How about non-electronic?
JP: It's impossible obviously but I would have loved to have mad a song with The Clash.  It would have been amazing to see what they would do on a song in 2013.
EM: Were there were a day you couldn't do anything music related, what would you do?
JP: Move to California, skateboard all day and start my own street food company. 

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Jacob Plant


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  • 2013-06-24
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