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Freddie Gibbs - "Eastside Moonwalker" [Video]

It's become pretty evident over the course of the last ten years that this decade probably won't be marked in history as the reign of gangsta rap. Those days marked by suburban kids playing G-Unit out loud in their car has, somewhat thankfully for parents I suppose, give way to bros bumping Drake. Not that I mean disrespect to the Toronto rapper, but he hasn't been shot multiple times and lived to tell the tale, or gone to prison for dealing drugs... and I did just say "Toronto," not exactly the toughest of all cities compared to 50 Cent's "Jamaica Queens" and NWA's "Compton" (again, no offense).  Of course, I'm also a 5'3" Japanese girl from Stirling, Scotland, so what do I really know about that life?

The answer is "not much," but that still doesn't mean that rap these days hasn't needed some of the extra edge lately, and thankfully Freddie Gibbs is here to provide a bass heavy track thats bringing back all that was good about that style of music, and adding some terrific visuals our technology couldn't get back then. The music video has managed to combine great components of both decades. From the hot girl, awesome car, reference to some kind of criminal activity (via yellow police tape), smoke, and some pretty incredible tattoos, the video and track go hand in hand to deliver us some of that hoodrat vibe I didn't even realize my life was missing, but so obviously needed, until now. Gibbs might be one of the only rappers working hard to bring that back. In truth, I don't think too many others besides him were capable of being successful in that way. 

This track comes off of his forthcoming project ESGN, which drops July 9th. 




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