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DJ Venum – Prestige Worldwide EP

A producer dubbed DJ Venum who dons the classic "Jason" mask has been plotting his 3rd evil EP against the world of bass music. Rumored to have been a well established producer before accepting the world of secrecy behind the mask, his recently released Prestige Worldwide EP on Top Billin conveys a message of signature UK ghetto house but nods to trap and Baltimore club. A lot of EPs that have been geared towards the dance floor could be considered unlistenable when not played in a club setting. Venum's attention to detail and the grooviness of this EP makes good for getting lost to the tunes in the club or leisurely in your own head.

dj venum artwork

DJ Venum

Prestige Worldwide EP

  • Top Billin
  • 5/8/2013


Bass · Dance · Garage · House · U.K.


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