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Washed Out - "It All Feels Right" [Video]

Ernest Greene's stage name is something that may have been discovered a few years ago, but then faded away into the background. More properly known as Washed Out, his type of music is considered to be part of the chillwave movement from about three to four years ago. His debut album Within and Without was released back in 2011 via Sub Pop Records. Since then he has been quiet, leaving all of us in speculation. Upping his live performances, Washed Out's pulse began to beat, which ultimately lead to the announcement of his new album, Paracosm, due to drop sometime in August.

Shortly after his announcement, he hit us with a teaser single called "It All Feels Right". The title of that particular song definitely hits home after soaking up all of its vibes. In the classic Washed Out style, there is a dominant feeling to chill out and relax. The video released with the song displays kaleidoscopic patterns turning and shifting across the screen in an organic fashion. The carefree vocals and smooth production can lower a listeners blood pressure and encourages one to lay back and enjoy life. Paracosm's announcement couldn't have come at a better time, for now "It All Feels Right" will have to suffice until it drops later this year.

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