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The xx - "Fiction" (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

This doesn't particularly matter to anyone, but today happens to be my birthday, and my non-internet friends (yes, those exist) happen to know that I have a particularly dangerous emotional attachment to the UK band The xx. I won't say that it's a sign from fate or whatever version of God you believe in (if you have one), but I'm also... not saying that? 

Either way, without trying to get into any religious debates on this site, I'm just trying to express my joy that The xx and Maya Jane Coles released something this morning, on the date of my birth. Between this and Disclosure's Settle coming out, I've been having an absolute field day. Remixes of this English band are a dime-a-dozen, good ones, however, are slightly rarer.

Both the band and the DJ have an innately minimal style about their sound, and while some people might choose to bump 2Chainz (or something equally loud) in their car for their birthday, I could just get lost in this style of music for hours, which is exactly what I plan on doing, ignoring all responsibility and getting lost in the music. Because if not today, when? 

The xx are busy as ever, with shows all over the globe, and Maya Jane Coles seems to be equally busy. No word on when this remix will be released for sale, but for now, this YouTube video will suffice. 



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