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Alexander Spit - "Mansions 2" [Video + EP]

After teasing us with "PCH," Alexander Spit drops the amazing video of the same title as his forthcoming instrumental project. The visuals for "Mansions 2" features the EP as its soundtrack, and plays as a score for a short film-- as it should, since "Mansions 2" can be better described a 16 minute anime flick. Premiered over by the good folks at Complex, the video strings various anime clips together under direction by David Gallardo. According to the Los Angeles producer/rapper, "[The video] tells the story of a guardian reliving his past and a hired gun man questioning the morals of his job." The production in itself is at times euphoric, feel-good music. At other times, though, Spit's backdrops are hauntingly beautiful, blending old school hip-hop influences with a wide range of sounds. Mansions 2 is a project you should definitely download. There's a reason why SPIN describes it as hallucinogenic and psychedelic. At 25 tracks, Spit's EP is actually a fairly short and enjoyable play. Kick back and take a trip back to your childhood below. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/4930758"]

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