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Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson & Peter Johansson - "Echoes"

If you're a music fan like I am, you might relate to having a musical experience that is absolutely consuming from the moment it starts. That's what happened to me when I first heard "Echoes," that's out today on Avicii's Le7els Recordings. The Swede played this track in his less-remembered, less controversial live set from the first weekend of Ultra Music Festival earlier this year. Having a feeling that this track might get lost in the shuffle, I held up my camera and only was able to listen to what I thought was an ID from the incomplete sound on the video (on repeat of course) . Not until the tracklist from the performance surfaced a few months later was I finally able to track this down, because the vocals in this production are just too beautifully airy and tribal to pin down the lyrics and type in to Google.

Stream:Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson & Peter Johansson - Echoes (Original Mix)

I was shocked to see one of the producers of the track is Henrik B, who has been rather quiet since before the house music movement "went big." You might remember him from the remix of Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime" that he paired up on with Axwell, and though it's been a while, I'm quite glad to have waited for his return if this is the track we get. Working with another Swedish duo, Niklas Gustavsson and Peter Johansson, "Echoes" is beautiful, intriguing, and so well done that it really is an ode to all well done vocals and instrumentals.


Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson & Peter Johansson


10 Milkitude

  • Le7els
  • 5/20/13




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