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Kanye West - "New Slaves" [Video]

Kanye West's latest promotional stunt further solidifies himself as one of the most creative artists of our time. Today the Chicago native and Grammy award winning artist-producer projected (very literally) his latest song, "New Slaves", across the world in 66 cities, casting video footage of himself (his face, rather) rapping on various buildings throughout each city. Best of all he did this guerilla marketing style. Read: no city permits! Salute to Kanye managing to organize his own quasi-flash mob on the world.

The song is split into two parts, the beginning which touches on materialism and the stranglehold corporations have on us as consumers. Certainly Kanye's notoriety has been boosted by his association with big-name corporations (Nike, Pepsi, and Xbox, to name a quick few) but the first half of "New Slaves" sees Ye addressing the opacity of working with such large conglomerates and the backlash against corporate America that he finds himself unwillingly beholden to. The second part of the song is more subtle with an almost angelic instrumental to close out Mr. West's latest bomb. With his upcoming album rumored to be titled I am God, we can only expect Yeezy to up the ante all the way, in every possible sense of the phrase. Watch a recording of his projection in Williamsburg below.

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