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Pascäal - "Rain Jacket"

Pascäal, remembered for his track titled "Dragonlillies" as well as the quiet release of his debut EP in November 2012, has now arrived at his most recent EP: Fragile. Set to be available worldwide on July 4 (digitally and on 12" thanks to Vresh Records), "Rain Jacket" tides us over in the meantime with sonic vibrations, hollow vocals and warm, experimental spaciousness. 

Peter Wiley is the Austin, TX-based man hiding behind the stage name of Pascäal. Evident on past tracks such as "Apollo" , there is a certain element of organic emotion captured in light of his synthetic compositions. His sound really just comes down to the tasteful and appropriate use of synthesizers and drum machines. The Fragile EP will continue on this simplistic wavelength, utilizing refined samples, prominent melodies and distorted vocal pieces to create a sound ambient in nature.

I'm told June 10 is the closest date to look forward to, since a further preview of the EP will be released, consisting of an accompanied video clip for a second unreleased track titled "Hunna". 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/92005195"]

Ambient · Electronic · Experimental


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