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Chuck Inglish - "Tangerine" (feat. Aston Matthews & Kashflow)

I always get excited when Chuck Inglish drops a new track. "Tangerine", a song that combines the former Cool Kids rapper's heavy hitting rhymes with the group's hypnotic, signature bass sound, doesn't disappoint. Inglish brings Aston Matthews (who kinda sounds like Snoop Dogg) and Kashflow, two rappers who have been gaining a lot of buzz recently, to spit over this banger. This tune, along with the previously released "Drops" that came out a couple of weeks ago, will make Convertibles, Inglish's next EP, a basshead's dream come true. Prepare yourselves for the dense and rumbling sounds of the subwoofer this summer. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/92069797"]



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