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Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy [Album]

Anamanaguchi is a chiptune indie band who pride themselves in the type of geekiness and nerdiness that doesn't care iota how to act 'cool' or conform to the stereotypical rocker fashion. Chiptune is, it's a subgenre of electronic that involves the producer or band utilizing 8-bit and 16-bit sounds--think of retro videogame noises--and these retro videogame noises are what makes Anamamaguchi undeniably unique. They're not just producers square-pushing, but they also incorporate drums, guitars, bass, and piano into the mix as well. Thus, an unfathomable creation is spawned and is showcased in their released work and in their live shows. 

This particular band has been around for several years. Releasing singles, providing soundtracks to projects such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, and one full length album back in 2009, it begs the question: why haven't they done more? Apart from live shows, their source of income to develop future work was somewhat of a problem. Between splitting their money for rent, food, upping their live performances, and recording, they didn't have much to spare. Years have gone by, and all of that has changed. With the rise of geeks and nerds being cool again, Anamanaguchi is becoming more relevant as ever. Priding themselves with cats, emoticons, and internet humor, they are slowly but surely winning over the interwebs. Proof? Their Kickstarter goal has been demolished and over the course of three years, they have finally finished their 22-track sophomore album called Endless Fantasy without the help of a single record label.

Don't listen to this band without checking out the first sign of their successful band life--the single teaser for "Meow" and it's official music video. The album was released on May 14, it marks a significant milestone for this quirky indie band.

Endless Fantasies is an adrenaline-pumping album with tons of action, excitement, and energy. If you are looking for something relaxing, please, don't kid yourself. Each and every song will send you back to your teenage years where dumb ideas and reckless actions dominate your life. The album strangely provokes a care-free sense of tone with the underlying message of, "just be yourself", which is exactly what Anamanaguchi is all about. 

Play: Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

Play: Anamanaguchi - In The Basement

Play: Anamanaguchi - Space Wax America

Play: Anamanaguchi - EVERYTHING EXPLODES

Play: Anamanaguchi - Snow Angels


Chiptune · Indie


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Chris Maddox
7 years ago

@earmilkdotcom 404!

Chris Maddox
7 years ago

@earmilkdotcom I think it should go to ear http://t.co/cslRtKETVE not http://t.co/ngdcEUY55W

7 years ago

Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy [Album]: Anamanaguchi is a chiptune indie band who pride themselves in the type... http://t.co/rK8LHlPrhG

Jesse Rolfe
Jesse Rolfe
7 years ago

best album of 2013 so far, hands down

Reply to  Jesse Rolfe

my favorite too!

Phillip Yung
7 years ago