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Jackson Breit - "Sunny Side"

New Orleans singer and producer Jackson Breit is back with a whole new groove for us. He's all about soul and the good feels, which is showcased in his previous singles. Mashing hip-hop and pop, Breit makes highly infectious tunes that will throw a smile onto your face. He's slowly but surely growing his fanbase with every release. Collaborating with producers like The Soundmen only reaffirms his potential and staying power. His freshest tune, "Sunny Side", was recently served straight from the oven. This particular song has his signature feel-good vibe. It starts out with a ragtime style piano with the eventual entrance of Breit's soulful lyrics and flow. You can't help but feel the warm sunshine on your cheeks as you listen to "Sunny Side" from start to finish. Roll down those windows, it's a stress-free environment.

Hip-Hop · Indie


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