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Theophilus London - "Rio" (feat. Menahan Street Band) [Video]

Brooklyn-raised Theophilus London is no stranger to experimenting with various sounds, whether they be rock, jazz, or electro. A few weeks back he released his latest single "Rio" featuring the Menahan Street Band, which as of late he has been working with a lot. After an action-packed trip to Rio, Theophilus London felt he wanted to express his experiences in a song.

The emanating chimes and calming South American vibe that "Rio" carries is quite impressive. This instrumental came at the hands of Theophilus himself in collaboration with Thomas Brenneck. The visuals for this festive banger were shot in New York at the The Jane Hotel & Milk Studios contrary to what the setting would have initially had you thinking. It also grabbed my attention that a dark skinned girl was cast in the video. Being black myself I respect Theophilus for the casting choice when normally it would have been a white or mixed race female. Nothing wrong with either — I personally love all women — I'm just giving the man props for portraying a natural African woman in a classy respectable light where she did not have to "twerk" or really "bruk out" to make the cut. So props to Theophilus London on the new video, amazing song, casting choice and being a great entertainer overall. If you see him on a festival bill in a town near you be sure to go check him out.

R&B · Soul


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7 years ago

RT @earmilkdotcom: #EARMILK : Theophilus London - "Rio" (feat. Menahan ... - http://t.co/4VeEapdGvs @TheophilusL @MenahanStBand

7 years ago

Theophilus London - "Rio" (feat. Menahan Street Band) [Video]: Brooklyn-raised Theophilus London is no strange... http://t.co/AZEfizdKiD