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Kode9 - "Xingfu Lu"

"Xingfu Lu" is Kode9's first single since his 2011 Black Sun LP, but it's been worth the wait. Throughout his sets, Kode9 shows his multi-genre versatility, and after taking a leave from dubstep he's acquired a sound that is very much his own. Snippets have been doing their rounds on the internet, stirring a lot of hype, but now it's finally been released.

In "Xingfu Lu", the Glaswegian-born London producer likens footwork and hip-hop to inspire a gritty, fast-paced EP. A somewhat manic roller coaster of sounds, varying from synths that sound like they might have come from a 90s Gameboy to percussion that goes mental on the bongos. Add some of Kode9's trademark touches, like quick switches from dissonance to consonance, and "Xingfu Lu" creates an intriguing sound that has gone along with the times.

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Dance · Drumstep · Electro · Electronic · Progressive


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