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Evil Needle - Qualia [Album]

Evil Needle is one of those producers who isn't exactly limited to one type of style, though he understands the importance of developing and maintaining a signature sound. A majority of the time, his work can be categorized as downtempo or experimental, though it is definitely not limited to that alone. Evil Needle loves to utilize swirling atmospheric environments to his advantage while simultaneously incorporating tasty beats.

His last major release was Equilibrium: The Return of Doctor Evil back in 2012. Since then, he has been releasing individual tracks, mixes, and collaborations with others. About two weeks ago, he started stirring the bee's nest with a mystical and intriguing music video of the song "Qualia".  Now, the time has come to finally drop the new full length album Qualia, released on April 30 via HuhWhat&Where Recordings.


Fans of Evil Needle will instantly recognize those signature sounds and effects. Airy ambiance, echoes, edgy snares, and plenty of synths signify that Qualia is definitely the works of Evil Needle in his element. As I had stated before, he usually creates chill-out beats, though he can wander into the realms of headbanging tunes.

In typical fashion, there are a few tunes within this particular album that have a much quicker tempo and have been injected with more of, well, everything. Qualia in a sense is a huge extension of Equilibrium: The Return of Doctor Evil. Most of the characteristics and sounds of Qualia are re-utilized, but in different ways. Whether if you fancy a chilled-out downtempo tune or an upbeat electro-lacing, Evil Needle has you covered. 

Play: Evil Needle - Hakunetsu

Play: Evil Needle - Assembly

Play: Evil Needle - Floatin' with Louise




Downtempo · Experimental


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