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A-Trak & Tommy Trash - "Tuna Melt" [Video]

Drawing inspiration and concept from the childhood desire to spend countless hours creating something without an apparent motive, much like a makeshift fort, or in the case of this video a domino-like sequence, we are given A-Trak and Tommy Trash's video for "Tuna Melt".  How can an activity that can take a seemingly infinite amount of time to set up, only to provide a thrill that lasts for a fraction of the overall experience, come off as worth the effort? Mimicking the reasoning in waiting in line for a roller coaster, the adrenaline-like adventure at the end of the road pays off, providing a euphoric and uplifting feeling of accomplishment.

Beginning at the bare bones, dominos falling in succession, as the song is kicked into gear popsicle sticks are thrown into the mix and as the music hits its stride, the ingenuity of the chain begins to take shape. A climbing feeling in the song and through the visuals escalates up until the sequence moves back downstairs, reflecting that there is an impending drop in the song and just as the music hits its high point the design of the collapsing structure really intensifies with exploding elements that lead to (what else?) a tuna melt.  

Check out the making of video, which hardly scratches the surface of all the work put into the video, but gives you an understanding of how many resources and how meticulous the artists had to be in creating the set. The video, which features some great camera work, was directed by Ryan Staake, who also directed Diplo's pole dancing video for "Set It Off".

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