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Allure - Reunion [Album + Exclusive Track]

After a first brillant first album entitled French Kiss, Allure, a.k.a. "Lorris Piasco" (the so-called "Little Prince" of French electro) returns with a new opus called Reunion, a title full of meanings. Lorris explained to us that his second album brings him more maturity and allows him to better control his ego. According the French artist, Reunion as an album title means the meeting between the artist and his ego that will serve his creation. 

"Reunion" gathers 12 solid "electro baroque" original tracks, featuring funky synthesizers and punchy drumlines, tainted with pop and French Touch music. The record features artists like Jordan Lee and Alexia Gredy. According to Piasco, the second album will contain songs with more vocals; he tells us exclusively that he will put his voice on several of his songs. 

Stream the full LP, which was released April 15, below:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/4833600" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Video Teaser:

01. Midnight
02. Pretty Bad Day (feat Jordan Lee)
03. From Paris With Love
04. Ego
05. Nobody Dance (feat Alexia Gredy)
06. Virtuozi
07. You And Your Girl
08. I Will Change (feat Jordan Lee)
09. Insomnia
10. King
11. In Love
12. Reunion

For you dear Earmilkers, here is an exclusive track for free download from Allure's first album French Kiss named "You Touch My Heart (feat Sophie Darly)"!

Download: Allure - You Touch My Heart (feat. Sophie Darly)



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8 years ago

is this Allure that worked with Tiesto?

8 years ago

No, this is the young Allure from Paris. He rocks !