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Alpine - "Gasoline" (Mystery Skulls Remix) [Premiere]

Gasoline and fire make an explosion. You know this, I know this, we all know this. When the Melbourne pop band, Alpine, gets remixed by LA's Mystery Skulls, the two combined initiate a brilliant spark. Mystery Skulls amplified the already glamorous single with a heavier electronic presence. Since summer is on its way, this is a song that can be placed as fun under the sun.

"Gasoline" is an original track off of Alpine's debut album, A Is For Alpine via Votiv.The record will be available on May 21st and starting on June 1st, the sextuplet will begin their tour with Crystal Fighters. Visit their Facebook for dates but as of right now, let the radiance from this remix soak into your body.


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A Is For Alpine

  • Votiv
  • May,21,2013
Indie · Main Stage


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