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Frank Ocean - "Lost" [Video]

In hindsight, Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE stands as the sonic representation of a generation in a genre that had all but lost its soul (no pun intended). The further we get from its genesis, the more we will come to appreciate its subtle storytelling, its often gender-ambiguous themes, and its liberal sensibilities. It seems appropriate, then, that we get a chance to revisit it after nearly eight months of marinating. One of the less openly celebrated tracks from the highly acclaimed project, “Lost”, finally gets a visual and a moment in the spotlight, and the flick is one fitting with the songs central theme. The video serves as a great way to re-introduce the record and also presents a snapshot of Frankie’s big year. Here’s hoping Ocean’s hiatus from new music won’t be an extended one. For now, though, just kick back and appreciate what he has built. 

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8 years ago

I love your commentary on channel ORANGE. Well said.