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Jakwob - "Fade" (Le Youth Remix)

Every piece of auditory heaven Le Youth has provided me with, has reminded me of a nineties dance party, and I love it. His newest release, a remix of Jawob's “Fade,” is another catchy track with a feel of nostalgia.

The song was a beautifully done piece to begin with, but Le Youth took it and molded it into something unrecognizable, resulting in a track as unique as the original. The two are worlds different,and while Jakwob's was great for a sexy dance party, Le Youth's track is great for the perfect Friday evening. It's upbeat and dance-worthy in the 90's sense of shaking around like you really just don't care, or more commonly known as a good freaking time. Enough of my blabbing, let's get our funk on. 

Both have tour dates all around the world, with Jakwob in Europe and Le Youth in Australia and the US. Jakwob also just came out with a new EP of his song, "Fade." 




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