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Gross Gross Girls - "White Lotus Tile"

Gross Gross Girls came out of absolutely nowhere: unsigned, independent, and oh so noteworthy. I woke up to a new follower on Soundcloud, and little did I know I would be listening to them non-stop since the encounter. Marty Shaffer of Milwaukee, WI, is all that there is to this newly emergent minimalist electronic wonder. "White Lotus Tile" is the first track off of his debut EP titled Years, which was made available upon the activation of Gross Gross Girls' Soundcloud account on April 4

The trickling trap-inspired percussion effortlessly melts in unison with the sampled vocal track, leaving us listeners in pleasurable ambience. The entire six-track Years EP emits this undeniable radiance, and all we are left to question is when we can get our hands on more.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/86437564"]

Ambient · Chillout · Dreamwave


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