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Coma - "My Orbit" (Dauwd Mix)

Labelling Coma's distinct sound as "cosmic techno pop," this Germany-based electronic duo consisting of Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad has really begun to surface in the past few months. Hailing off their debut album titled In Technicolour, the two play around with the sonic vibrancy that mellowed techno can offer a listener. "My Orbit" began as a single edit release, but London's Dauwd has turned it into much, much more. My Orbit, released through Kompakt, features an array of remixes of the original "My Orbit," including Dauwd's instrumental rendition as well as Clouds'.

Premiered on Stereogum, Dauwd (affiliated with Pictures Music) has crafted a remix that Kompakt can't seem to get enough of, and frankly, neither can we. The label describes the track as one that delivers "a soulful, life-affirming reinterpretation steering close to the alluring original". 

Now available on 12" and digitally, My Orbit plays as a precursor to Coma's upcoming full-length album, available April 30 via Kompakt. Self-proclaimed, In Technicolour is Coma's "attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music".

In the mean time, Dauwd's restructuring of "My Orbit" channels versatility, lightheartedness and techno-inspired textures. The synth is bubbling with energy, exuding an unimaginable amount of playfulness with a venturesome nature. What Kompakt calls "a true pop epic at heart," Coma's "My Orbit" is tiding us over for their much-anticipated venture into album territory. 

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