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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "BomBom" [Contest Video]

Recently, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis posted about a video contest for the instrumental to "BomBom". The deadline is tonight at midnight, so if you missed the announcement, condolences—but this is the type of interactive fan-loving enterprise that pushed the duo into fame and has sustained their relevance ever since.

Rather than a conglomerate of jukeboxes with an uncanny ability to write things, Earmilk is a collective of normal human beings—most of whom have friends in the art, film, and music industries. We don't outsource our brand for favors, nor do we actively pursue a bias for personal relationships with artists over the global network of talent this industry broods—but when someone we know pushes a product on our plate that we find to have quality relevance—we're gonna tell you about it.

Teresa Castro & Alexandra Sempel partook in the "BomBom" contest, creating a DIY video with an artful elegance that typical music videos rarely possess. It's an odd one, and the latter half of it is a curious display of haphazard gyrations—but it contrasts the instrumental with an elegance that we doubt the majority of the submissions will grasp. From human puppeteering to public knicker-dancing, Sempel's visual aid to the duo's uncharacteristically mellow beat breaks the mold of what one expects from a hip hop video, proving that not all videos need to be predictable—nor tell a story—to maintain relevancy.

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