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Little People - "Offal Waffle" [Video Premiere]

Laurent Clerc, a.k.a. Little People, is a London-based electronic music producer who specializes in experimental downtempo and electronica. His beats and styles evolved over the years. His earlier work reflected more traditional trip-hop aspects, though in recent years his music shape-shifted into something more mysterious and unique. His latest album We Are But Hunks Of Wood, which was released back in October 9, 2012, showcases his tunes that have molded into something more than a looped beat. In this particular album, you hear electronic beats that seem to have a life of its own, as organic characteristics are infused into electronica.

Today, we bring you a first look at the official music video for "Offal Waffle", which is off of We Are But Hunks Of Wood. If you have already sneaked a peek at the music video for "Aldgate Patterns", you may already get an idea of what this video may contain. For those who haven't, I can tell you right now it's quite intriguing. The music video for "Offal Waffle" expresses the fusion of organic sounds with man-made creations. The video focuses on a structure of some sort, and is being rotated. The structure is surrounded and is made of seemingly organic material such as grass, though it is counter-acted by artificial designs and patterns. Throughout the video, there is an underlying theme of contrasts. Primitive, yet futuristic. Dark, with literal light. The intangible song structure comes to life as it rotates and visually shares its beauty.



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