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Junip - "Your Life, Your Call"

"Your Life Your Call" is the second single off Swedish trio Junip's forthcoming self-titled album, out April 23 on Mute Records. Junip will be the first full-length release put out by the band since 2010's Fields. "Your Life Your Call" follows a formula similar to Junip's previously released tracks, with José González's familiar vocals gently pushing the track forward through a maze of synth and drums.

Download: Junip - 04 Your Life, Your Call

While it maintains familiar qualities, "Your Life, Your Call" is noticeably more beat-driven than "Line of Fire", which was released in January as the official single off Junip. Based on the variability between these tracks, the record is shaping up to be a great sophomore effort from this Swedish folk trio. If you missed "Line of Fire", or the eerie video that accompanied it, check it out here and be sure to score a download of both singles on Junip's soundcloud

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