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Jay-Z x Lana Del Rey - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Boss)" (Urban Noize Remix)

I once took a philosophy class in college, and in this class, I read about the structure of language and how words make it difficult for people to creatively think beyond the definition of the vocabulary (this is going somewhere, trust me for one more line). 

That's kind of the way I feel about most Lana Del Rey remixes, reworks, and whatever other forms of surgery people have done to her tracks. Each remix is usually pretty awesome, but they are sweeping, emotional, and dramatic... really more of an accentuation of her style and sound than something fresh and new. It's still great, but Lana has proven that she is pretty good at what she does before all of the remixers out there chopped up and rearranged her original tracks.

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On the other hand, there are some that give the world a glimmer of hope, and in Floridian duo Urban Noize's case, the brothers did that and so much more. They made her the perfect complement to the legendary Jay-Z spitting “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”, and made a new track fit for the warmer days to come at the beach, pool, or whatever forms of water and scantily-clad women surround your geographical location (at worst, maybe just day-drinking on the balcony). With Lana's sexy vocals and a more upbeat take on the Jay-Z track, Urban Noize has crafted the perfect track to end the working week.  

There doesn't seem to be too much word on whether Urban Noize is planning any tours, but Lana Del Rey is spending some time in Europe starting April 3rd, and Jay-Z will be touring with Justin Timberlake, as well as making an appearance in Yahoo's On the Road Tour.

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