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Earl Sweatshirt - "WHOA" [Video]

Earl Sweatshirt drops some new material with “WHOA”, but if you’re expecting the introspective diary rap he shared in his previous release, “Chum,” think again. Tyler, the Creator is featured and directs under his Wolf Haley alias, delivering visuals that return to the origins of Odd Future’s intentionally revolting and disorienting style.


It’s anti-luxury rap, the opposite of the yachts and voluptuous video vixens you see in the Rick Ross videos. Earl wakes up in a filthy trailer next to an older woman—and she’s not the attractive cougar kind—who proceeds to do ballet in a tutu for the duration of the video. There are no Olympic sized decadent pools, just a mostly drained one cluttered with garbage in which Earl lounges. Cameos from other Odd Future members are abundant, as well as the reckless skateboarding and riding around in shopping carts that will remind you of why you fell in love Golf Wang in the first place. 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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