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Cabo Blanco - The Feeling EP

Cabo Blanco happens to be one of those NYC based "underground" producers with a highly developed grasp of music and sound engineering. He doesn't spam everyone with requests for likes or constant emails. He releases quality material as it is perfected, and when I say perfected, I mean it. His signature sound is hard to nail down but one thing is consistent in every one of his releases so far, the emotion is deep and apparent. Sometimes the ratchet side of Cabo Blanco creeps out on tunes like "Slip-N-Slide" with guest vocals from SJ Beats and Doley Bernays. While his tune "The Feeling" is a love-trap banger of epic proportions, "Slip-N-Slide" is a certified trap party destroyer. The song "Real Love" delves right into the lush yet intense juke stylings that have become more and more present amongst hip hop inspired electronic producers. It combines soulful, catchy vocals with carefully placed, rapid fire percussion. Definitely a must-hear. This EP is meant for the listener with eclectic taste and the DJ that prefers to push a variety of emotions in their sets. 


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Bass · Dance · Juke · Trap


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