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Jacco Gardner - "Puppets Dangling"

Hailing from just outside of Amsterdam comes the multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner, who will send you back to the 1960's with his cloudy baroque pop. Recently releasing his debut album, Cabin of Curiosities via Trouble in Mind, it becomes obvious Jacco can effortlessly work his way around a studio as he plays every instrument on his debut except for drums. His entire album creates an escape from the contemporary into a time where music was filled with psychedelic themes and notions. 

The highlight featured off of his record, "Puppets Dangling", is a song that almost sounds like a Tame Impala cut at times, with lyrics full of imagery and a strong presence from the drums and guitar. The song is tied together with a synth backings and even an echoing woodblock within the final minute. Jacco's masterful arrangements show that, like the iconic music of the time, he is able to stay within his realm without adding any elements that are out of place. 

Download: Jacco Gardner - Puppets Dangling

The album's closer, which has instances that remind me of "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" and The Zombies, is filled with whimsical melodies and lyrics. Gardner plays off of the jolly sound of the harpsichord transforming an optimistic climb into a sad tune with a speculative piano and string section.

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Give Jacco Garner a whirl as this will most likely not be the last you hear of the twenty four year-old from the Netherlands. You can also download "Puppets Dangling" from NPR here.


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