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Body Language - "Lose My Head" [The Revenge Remixes]

Graeme Clark has a fascinating background. Performing and producing under the pseudonym you might know him by, The Revenge, the Scottish producer has a vast and eclectic history that’s broadcasted throughout his music. Beginning his production with old drum machines and later moving into hard style rave techniques, Clark’s sound has clear influence from his background in sound engineering, listening to rock & roll with his parents and even a lost first attempt at a starting his own record label. Using his life experiences to further perfect his own style, it feels as though every new release we hear from The Revenge pays some respect to the past. 

Stream: Body Language - Lose My Head (The Revenge Pressure Dub 1)

Stream: Body Language - Lose My Head (The Revenge Pressure Dub 2)

Today he’s released two remixes of Brooklyn-based electronic quartet Body Language’s “Lose My Head.” Out today on Smoke N Mirrors Records, the EP includes a hypnotic Detroit-style house as Dub 1, and a mesmerizing Dub 2 that brings a harder more mainstream club feel. Serving as a great preview for his upcoming Grammar LP release, the tracks are intriguing both by themselves and together. 



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